Mission Statement

Men* Advocating for Gender Equity (MAGE) is an interdisciplinary group of men-identified staff and faculty at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) committed to personal action and working with men in support of women on campus. Recognizing the existence of gender inequity, we will actively engage in targeted activities, such as holding regular educational workshops for the campus community (particularly men), to measurably improve the climate for women across all units on campus, while maintaining accountability to women through an independent women's advisory group (WAGE).

*The terms "men" and "women" refer to those who identify with these traditional gender categories.


  • Educate ourselves and other staff/faculty men on gender inequity at UCSB through workshops and outreach events.

  • Act as ambassadors and confidential resources to transmit current issues facing women to the higher administration, and support efforts to improve the overall climate for women on campus

  • Model and encourage behavior to promote gender equity.

  • Advocate for equity-related policy.


  • Facilitate communication and coordination among campus entities working towards gender equity.

  • Be guided by, and responsive to, the women's advisory group (WAGE).


Executive Committee: A constant size of 8-12 executive members with an appropriate distribution of staff and faculty.

Leadership: When possible, there will be 2 co-chairs, one faculty, one staff member.

Participation: Participation, including continued participation, is contingent on approval from WAGE. Annual call for application to MAGE. Nominal two-year renewable terms.

Meetings: At least monthly during the academic year. First meeting to take place by October31, 2019. Meet approximately quarterly with WAGE or more or less frequently if requested.

Ambassadors: All MAGE executive members commit to serving as ambassadors acting as confidential resources to transmit current issues (wage disparity, promotions, implicit bias, etc) to the higher administration, and support efforts to improve the overall climate for women on campus. Please contact any of the MAGE executive members to discuss any pressing issue you may be facing and that you would like us to take up.

Allies: MAGE maintains an active group of allies who are aware of and/or participate in MAGE-related outreach initiatives, and other events. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the allies list.